The Bermans - Luann, Eric, and Parker!



Apologies for the failure to update this site for a while.

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Trips we've taken

  • Bordeaux, France (April 2001)  We took this trip with our friends Alex and Lauren and sampled some amazing food and wine.  Geek surprise: we found ourselves near 0 longitude and 45 N latitude--halfway between the north pole and the equator on the line separating the eastern and western hemispheres.  Naturally, we had to go find the exact spot with our GPS; this is actually recorded at
  • Yellowstone/Teton (September 2002)
  • Hawaii (October, 2002)


Eric's Flying

Eric started flying in 1996, got his private pilot license in 1997, and his instrument rating in 1999.

In September of 2003, Eric got his Multi-Engine rating!  This means Eric can now fly airplanes with more than one engine!

In April of 2004, he got his Commercial rating.  I think that means I can now be paid to dust crops or tow banners.

And on Dec 26, 2004, he got his Seaplane rating. 

In 2006, Eric completed his goal of landing at all public-use airports in Washington State (there's about 140 of them).  He's working on Oregon now.

Here are some neat flying pictures:

Pictures of us and our families


Eric's Music

We'll need to start filling this in more, but for now here are three recordings from 1992, when Eric was playing with a band called "Angry Neighbors".  Eric plays lead guitar on all of these songs, and is the voice of the latte-ordering fool at the start of "The Latte Song."  (All files MP3 format)

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